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General Information

NIDAC Security P/L (NIDAC) is a Manufacturer and Wholesaler; our expertise is the total comprehension of technical specification, capability and limitations of electronic security products we supply to the Security Industry.

We do not physically install electronic security products, therefore we cannot provide quotations for installation or "onsite" commissioning of electronic security equipment. Onsite inspections are fundamental in determining best practice and the type of products used for specific applications. Inspections should always be conducted by a licensed security installation professional.

NIDAC can refer "Non affiliated" licensed security installer/s who purchase our products on a regular basis. The businesses we refer can be directly contacted by the general public through sources such as Yellow Pages®, local phone directories, advertising material or by business website's.


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NIDAC accepts no responsibility or liability for false representation, installation and or commissioning outcomes by any security business or installer/s of our electronic security products. NIDAC is bound by industry Trade Practice Acts and our Terms & Condition of Trade.