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Presco™ OmGATE

Monday, 13 February 2017
Presco™ OmGATE

This applies to - iOS10  Apple iPhones 5, 5s & above

If you are experiencing diffculties adding New gate keepers or users to your OmGate with the following message -   "error_gate_failed_to_get_user_s_location"

Please check you have the correct OMGate application version 1.3.033 (1.3033) in your iPhone. To do so, tap on the information icon on the pink button screen. (left bottom corner)

If you do not have this version, delete the current app and upload the newer version from iTunes store. The correct version on the bottom of blue About page will be pictured as Omgate 1.0 (1.0) in the iTune store.

Once you have uploaded the app please reconfigure your settings and users.

NOTE: From our tests the new app will automatically restore and upload your exisiting gate keepers and users to the exisiting gates.